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To you, I probably still look like a red-breasted robin with a big fat belly.

Too many worms, you’re no doubt thinking.

You probably think I should quit sitting on my nest…

… get out and fly a little more often. It’s good exercise.

But the truth is, I feel like a butterfly – gossamer wings floating on the wind, lighthearted and carefree. I don’t know why, but I do.

Don’t want any worms. Really, I don’t. Nectar it is, for me. I crave nectar.

The only thing is, the joint in my hind leg hurts. Must have twisted it tripping over a hibiscus.

A stigma? A stybus? Whatever.  I am limping along.

Those nasturtiums look tasty.

So do those borage.

I believe I will stir some into my salad.

Forget those. I think they’re poisonous.

Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees and the flowers in the trees…

It’s been a long day. Can you tell? I’m getting punchy and my eyes are fuzzy. Time to find a rock and rest. Sweet dreams.

Just one more thing. This bee and butterfly stuff is for the birds. What about the bunnies?

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