Vintage treasures and reading pleasures (the first scene of my new romantic suspense, Blue Belle, a Wildflowers of Scotland novel by Sherrie Hansen).

Blue Belle, a contemporary romance by Sherrie Hansen I absolutely love going to an estate or auction sale and poking through old trunks filled with vintage treasures.

If given a choice between buying an old house that needs restoring and a sparkling clean, newly constructed house, I’m the one who’s reveling in hundred-twenty year-old tin ceilings, maple pocket doors, and stained glass windows.

I have a complete set of shiny, fresh, never-opened, newly reissued copies of the Betsy Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace in my bookshelf, but it’s the well-worn, discarded-from-libraries-decades-ago copies with their tattered edges, worn pages and broken bindings that are precious to me.

When I make Danish Aebleskivers (round pancakes – a family favorite), I vastly prefer using the well-seasoned, gritty, old cast-iron pan passed down through generations of Jensens instead of the new Nordic Ware, Teflon coated pan I brought home from the cooking store a few years ago.

I serve dinner on…

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