I’ve traveled on some winding roads in my life.


Sometimes I’ve known where I was going, other times I’ve stumbled along until the fog broke only to be surprised at where I’d arrived.


Sometimes the road has been smooth and free of potholes.


At other times, it’s been rough going.


I’ve seen a vision at the end of some of the roads I’ve been on… far off, and faint, but still there, beckoning, calling… enticing me to travel on, no matter how weary I am…


I’ve traveled roads that have taken me closer and closer to my dreams…


Sometimes the door at the end of the road has been flung wide open, ready, waiting to welcome me home.


Sometimes I’ve found a door closed. A dead end. Sometimes the road has told me it’s time to stop chasing those foolish dreams, to turn around and back track a bit.


The road has been steep at times, with many hills to climb.


The road is straight and easy-going today.


But there have been times that the road was so full of twists and turns that I didn’t know which way to go.


Sometime the road has been so drenched in sunlight that the sailing was smooth.


The road has been cold, and frigid, and bitter.


Every once in awhile there’s been a rainbow to show me I’m on the right path.


And so I will keep on traveling, until the road leads me to my final resting place… a heavenly home beyond compare.

The Long and Winding Road by Sherrie Hansen

Chapter One… Home on the Range

Chapter Two… The Happy Wanderer

Chapter Three… Rocky Mountain High

Chapter Four… Country Roads, Take Me Home

Chapter Five… In His Time