Some of you know that I’m been busy at work on my next release, Water Lily, targeted for publication in early summer of this year. Water Lily is the 2nd in my Maple Valley trilogy, which began with Stormy Weather, published late last year by Second Wind Publishing.

I’m still working on edits – the next step is to read the book out loud to my husband, a process that will no doubt reveal rough patches, discombobulated sentences, and little errors previously unnoticed.

Like Stormy Weather, the cover of Water Lily will have a photo on the top, and a quilt block on the bottom. Marianne R. , a friend from, has graciously consented to let me use one of her water lily photos on the cover of the book (I am so excited!), and I am now in search of a water lily quilt to photograph. If I don’t find one soon, I will have to make one, and photograph it. (Much as I love to quilt, I have so little time right now that I’m hoping NOT to have to make it myself…) Then it’s off to Second Wind’s talented graphic artists to make it into an eye-catching cover.

Yesterday, I wrote my first draft of a back cover “blurb” for Water Lily. I’m hoping you’ll give me your feedback. Does it sound appealing? Does it make you want to buy / read the book? If not, I would welcome your suggestions as to how to make it better.

Thanks in advance!

Tag Line:

Water Lily… a fresh blossom born in the murky waters of the past.

Back Cover Blurb:

Once upon a very long time ago, Jake Sheffield and Michelle Jones graduated from the same high school.

Jake can’t wait to take a trip down memory lane at their 20th class reunion. Being with his old friends is like guest starring in a favorite episode of Cheers. Everybody knows your name. Everybody’s glad you came.

The last thing Michelle wants to do is dredge up a lot of old memories and relive a part of her past that wasn’t that great in the first place.

Will the murky waters of the past destroy their dreams for the future, or will a water lily rise from the depths and bloom?

Water Lily by Sherrie Hansen… coming soon from Second Wind Publishing.